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- Improving well performance and integrity
Case studies



Key info

  • Region: Norwegian sector of the North Sea
  • Customer: North Sea Operator
  • Well Type: Platform


Case benefits

  •  The ability to monitor annulus pressure and temperature in a remote location without power or communications infrastructure. 

Key Capabilities

  • Monitoring well integrity in remote locations.

Typical Applications

  • Unmanned platforms or remote locations without power or communications infrastructure.


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MSAS-G and VR Sensor controlled by A-PRO

After completing 8 platform wells, a North Sea Operator needed to demobilize their contracted drilling rig and temporarily abandon the wells for an extended period before the production facility procured would be ready to be installed. During this temporary abandonment period the Operator needed to continuously monitor the annulus pressures in each of the wells. The main challenge was that there would be no power or communications infrastructure available during the temporary abandonment period. PTC’s zone 1 approved, solar powered A-PROTM system was successfully deployed in conjunction with PTC’s VR SenseTM pressure and temperature sensors to continuously monitor the wells.



A North Sea Operator needed to monitor the annulus pressures in 8 platform wells but had no power or communications infrastructure.



 PTC’s A-PROTM system complete with GSM transmitter, solar panel/battery power system and VR SenseTM pressure and temperature sensors. The system was configured to continuously record the annulus pressures and temperatures. Once a day the system would transmit the data to PTC’s server via the GSM transmitter.



The system provided three months of data recording and transmission before the GSM transmitter antenna was damaged in a violent North Sea storm. The system continued to log the pressure and temperature data for an additional three months. In total six months of data was retrieved to document the integrity of the 8 platform wells.