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Chemical Injection

SureFlo Chemical Injection Valve
SureFlo Chemical Injection Sub
SureFlo Chemical Injection Sub
SureFlo Chemical Injection Sub
LOF Chemical Injection Design Tool

Solutions for Todays Chemical Injection Challenges


Wells with scale or corrosion issues often require the continuous injection of treatment chemicals. The most common method employs the use of control lines to place the chemicals at the desired injection point in the well. Issues associated with the stable flow of chemicals through the control lines (no u tubing), testing of control lines and well integrity have plagued the industry for decades.


To address these challenges, PTC has developed their SureFlo range of barrier certified chemical injection systems.


PTC has also developed their own proprietary software to simulate the entire chemical injection systems performance over the life of the well.



Today's Chemical Injection Technology

Chemical injection systems have historically had issues when reservoir pressures fall (are) below the threshold required to maintain a stable column of chemical injection fluid in the control line. This U tubing effect is often the root cause of chemical injection system failure. Failure to properly size the control line based on fluid, hardware and well environment constraints has also been an issue.


PTC's SureFlo range of chemical injection systems provide:

  • Anti U Tubing protection
  • Barrier qualified back check systems
  • Shear disc to facilitate testing of control lines
  • Shearable filter system



Life of Field Chemical Injection Design

PTC’s Life of Field chemical injection design software can simulate the entire chemical injection system and determine the optimum control line size, anti-u tubing setting and control line test pressure.