PTC Internal

PTC is changing mail system, if you have problems, click the link "webmail and help" below

All your Lotus Notes e-mail will be imported to the new system, if your mailbox is empty on login, your mail is in the import que and will show up as soon it is converted. Old mail will still be in your old mailbox, but you will not be able to send mail from the old system.

To access new mail solution or if you need help follow this link  - Webmail and help


Pulten log in (Citrix)

Problemer med klient? Slå av popupblokkere og installer webversjonen
Problems with the client? Turn off the Pop-up Blocker and install web version.

VPN logon address Norway

VPN logon address Aberdeen

Særavtaler Reiser Innenlands
Her kan dere lese om Særavtaler for reiser innenlands for statens reging. more...
Special Agreements for Domestic Travel (Norway).

Her kan dere lese om Utenlandsregulativet, satser for nattillegg og kostgodtgjørelse. more....

Travel Expense
Click on this link to open the HL Travel. more...


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