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NexLift SI-B Unwelded Barrier Gas Lift Mandrel

NexLift SI
Next Generation Unwelded Side Pocket Mandrel
NexLift SI-B
Next Generation Unwelded Barrier Side Pocket Mandrel


Conventional side pocket mandrels (SPM) have inherent challenges related to welding and heat-treatment.


Welding and post weld heat treatment rely on extensive human intervention, requiring stringent and elaborate QA/QC processes exceeding the current standards. As such,
satisfactory repeatability of the manufacturing process is difficult to achieve.


For applications where H2S and CO2 are present, it is important to protect the production casing from harmful fluids and pressures. Avoidance of unloading after a gas lift valve change out may also be desirable. This is not possible using conventional side pocket mandrels.



NexLift SI-B™ Side Pocket Mandrel’s non-welded design eliminates the risks related to welding and post weld heat treatment. NexLift SI-B™ enhances the robustness of the completion string and is the best choice for challenging well applications in which superior longevity, strength and enhanced tubing to casing integrity capabilities are required.

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